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Generational trauma is complex and multifaceted.  It runs deep, and is a hidden part of family dynamics that most people don't even realize that is affecting them.  Generation trauma is insidious.  It is passed on to you from your parents, and even from your grandparents.  While you may not have experienced a particular trauma personally, you may find yourself dealing with the psychological scars left behind.  As a mild example, suppose your mother almost drowned and subsequently developed a fear of water.  She may have unintentionally passed this fear of water to you or your siblings without realizing it.  The first step is to realize that you are being affected by ghosts from the past, and not even necessarily your own past.  The next step is to talk about it.  Together, we can move to understanding, to compassion, to love and to forgiveness; we can refuse to pass along maladaptive coping strategies that damage us for generations.  Together we can heal.

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Generational Trauma

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